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National Emblems - Flag.png

National Flag

National Emblems - Flag Colour Meanings.

Colours of the National Flag

National Emblems - Coat of Arms.png

Coat of Arms

National Emblems - Coat of Arms Elements

Elements of the

Coat of Arms

National Emblems - Scarlet Ibis.png

National Bird:

The Scarlet Ibis

National Emblems - Cocrico.png

National Bird:

The Cocrico

National Emblems - Chaconia.png

National Flower:

The Chaconia

National Emblems - Steelpan.png

National Instrument:

The Steelpan

National Emblems - Anthem.png

The National Anthem

National Emblems - Pledge.png

The National Pledge

National Emblems - Motto.png

The National Motto

National Emblems - Watchwords.png

The National Watchwords

National Leaders - Presidents.png

The Presidents

National Leaders - Prime Ministers.png

The Prime Ministers

Homework Resources

Click to download these Microsoft Word documents with pictures for Social Studies assignments. Pictures can be edited or deleted on any computer using Microsoft Word.

Thumbnails - National Emblems.png

National Emblems of Trinidad & Tobago

Thumbnails - Presidents.png

Presidents of Trinidad & Tobago

Thumbnails - Prime Ministers.png

Prime Ministers of Trinidad & Tobago

Free Colouring Pages

Colouring Page - Independence Day 2021.png

Colouring Page: 
Trinidad & Tobago
Independence Day

Colouring Page - Independence Day.png

Colouring Page: 

Trinidad & Tobago

Independence Day


Colouring Page - Presidents of Trinidad

Colouring Page: 

The Presidents

of the Republic of

Trinidad & Tobago